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02 October 2013 @ 06:51 pm
Hey, it's autumn, how did that happen?!

  • I love these daily happiness posts that crop up on dw, these little bites of other people's glee... they're the human equivalent of こんぺいとう (konpeitō). Thanks for sharing them, dear hearts ♥.

  • It's been nice to see the lists of tv shows people are watching. For the new US TV season, I'm watching Parks & Rec, Elementary (on Sky, no spoilers please), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which I think is my favourite new show of the season, I really think people who like sitcoms I like will like this a lot""), Scandal (on E4, no spoilers please) and Sleepy Hollow (which is 100% ridic and enjoyable). I lasted all through 12 minutes of the SHIELD pilot before I hit emergency eject; I'm sure my flist will tell me immediately if it gets better. And I imagine that I'll catch up with Castle on a digital channel here next year.

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    So yeah, that's my summer. Work is work is work. I'm off on leave in 2 weeks, which YAY. Warm climes, reading and chillaxing, YAY!

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    you have the boldness of a much younger woman
    28 July 2013 @ 09:56 pm
    Hey, how are you all doing? Summer is here for the first time in seven years and so I had a birthday picnic, whooo! Let's see, what else has happened in... oh, the past six months. Oh dear. Sherlock and Joan still make my heart do jumping jacks of looooove. I'm having a Due South renaissance, I'm almost up to the Victoria episodes and oh my. Dudes, it's so odd seeing Fraser and Vecchio and thinking, for the first time ever, they look *young*. That I know those feelings, that uncertainty and that silliness that comes over one, I'm living that side of thirty that comes with responsibility and regret and people thinking you know what you're doing. Awww, man. ♥♥♥♥.

    I also went to see Star Trek and Pacific Rim and went to Brighton a few times. The season finale of Parks and Rec made me laugh and laugh and laugh. And Community is coming back for one last bite of the cherry, hurrah! And I went to see Josh Ritter with trille and buddleia and other people last week and the other A was here for five weeks and most important of all, I survived my work's extra busy summer silly season with peace of mind intact.

    I finished C25k. And I kept running. I ran 100 miles in June and then again in July. My longest run so far has been 15km. So yeah, that happened. Turns out, all those years of hating middle-distance running in senior school was wasted energy that I could have spent on, er, hating on the Tories just that little bit more. I'm not all that good at running but I love doing it. That's a big step for me, physically and mentally and I'm giving myself a mental good-job tick for that.

    Here, let me leave you with something useful.

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    you have the boldness of a much younger woman
    10 February 2013 @ 09:17 am
    picture of 2013 snake

    시작된 2013년에는 좋은일 행복한 일만 가득가득하 시길... (=^▽^)/♪ 새해 복 많이 받으세요. Chúc mừng năm mới. Vạn sự như ý. 新年快乐! Happy new year! Much love to you all, I hope you experience only things that nourish you this year.

    I made an oodleplex of 만두 last night to put in 떡만두국 to eat with my Korean buddies today. I've even made a 만두로봇 dance because I am a dumpling-robot and no one can defeat me in my production dance. Um. It's the time for my peeps to eat and eat and then, er, sing it off. See you at the inevitable dance-off, bbs! :*

    (2013 already promises to be nommilicious. New Postal Service concerts! New Josh Ritter album! YAY.)

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    you have the boldness of a much younger woman
    25 January 2013 @ 06:30 pm
    I just read that iamsab passed away.

    I didn't know Emily personally but I do know her work. We tell stories of our wayward fandom youthful times, stories about how we found fandom and what we get from it. For me, Emily was the first fanfic writer that made me fall in love with fanfic. I'd been noodling around on the edges of fanfiction fandoms for a while, a graduate student, ill and with too much time on my hands and then completely by accident, I read a Sports Night story that she wrote.

    She was that writer for me, the writer who made me click that "email me" link for the first time and babble-gush about how much I loved that story, her writing. Following her stories, I came across other West Wing and Sports Night fanfic writers, the writers I still think are the best ever, Punk, the Sandys, Sinead and others. Following their breadcrumbs, I found my way to Livejournal and to Fandom with a capital 'f'. Years later, I found her on lj and I found out that as well as being a talented writer, she was a great fan: humorous, witty, sharp, intelligent and giddily and dorkishly loving of things.

    I don't tell you all enough how great I think you are but it's sad times like these when I remember I should do it more often. I've had a great many fun years in fandom and known so many good people, thanks for that, buddies. My heart is full tonight for everyone who knew and loved Emily.

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    you have the boldness of a much younger woman
    19 August 2012 @ 09:30 pm
    In August:

  • Olympic fever, I had it.

  • Bourne Legacy, I watched it.

    I'm sure there were other things in between but those were the broad strokes.

    The Olympics were actually rather lovely and a much needed breather from the unrelenting misery of this awful government. My part of London was empty: HAHA. Minimal tourists, less traffic, less people on public transport. I ended up going to a number of events (archery, fencing & taekwondo) and had fun fun fun. (My people, by which I mean -- in this case -- my Korean peeps, so good at fighting, especially with weapons.) Also, Louis Smith, his ridic eloquence and his ridic stylish hair, y'all. I cried! I laughed!

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